fredag 7 juni 2013

How I got a mind orgasm

Something strange happened the other week at the gym that got me thinking.
I was exercising as usual, I like to keep my body fit, but as I was doing one of Gilad's ab workout routine from this book I started to feel that well known tingle between my thighs.
 I barely finished the set, I was so close to an orgasm. That would've been embarrassing I thought.
But I couldn't stop thinking about it so I did another set to see if I could get over the top.
Oh wow, sure I could.... It was explosive. One of the best orgasms I ever had.
Kind of reminded of that feeling when you climbed the ropes in gymclass when you where little!
Felt so good to not physically stimulate and still get an orgasm, maybe an mind orgasm?

Later that night I was lying in bed and thinking: "Maybe I just can think myself to an mind orgasm"
Oh boy, I tried hard. Couldn't really get there.
I told my husband about it, and he was as intrigued as I was.
We wen't to the library and bought books on tantric sex. I can tell you the amount of books we read to get to the bottom of this is ridiculous.
But we finally we're able to achieve mind-blowing hands free orgasm TOGETHER!
I just have to write about it and tell the world, we didn't leave bed for several days.
The book that finally got us there was The Ultimate Home Tantra Course and I can't recommend it enough!

Mind Orgasm Expert :D